Period type pains over a year post CC recurrence

Hi all

As some of you know I am just over a year post recurrent cervical cancer , Initaily diagnosed 1b1 Adenocarcinoma November 2013 , went on to have radical hysterectomy and given all clear after however 2015 was diagnosed recurrent CC to the left ovary , this was then removed and had 5 weeks of chemo and radiotherapy.
I have been doing well so far and life is almost normal ! a CT of my abdomen last November was ok , no evidence of disease.
Over the past 2 weeks I have been getting period type pains , Lower abdo pain with achy type pains in my hips as well , pain killers not really helping , I saw my Gyneacology consultant yesterday who says if the pains go on for another month he will send me for an MRI but was reluctant to at the moment as he is does not really want to expose me to more radiation.
A colonoscopy has also been arranged for next Wednesday , I am happy with the plan just wish the pain would go away .
My first thoughts are obviously the worst , I was just wondering if anybody else has experienced this ? Any advice words of wisdom appreciated.
I have taken a couple of days off work just to see if any relaxation helps .

Greeni xx


I don't have any experience in this as I'm 9 months behind you just wanted to send you some positive vibes 

its good that your scan in November was clear and your consultant doesn't seem to be in a rush to get you scanned keep that in mind

hope that the few days off eases the pain 

stay positivity your doing well

onwards ans upwards 

love Michelle xx 


Hey Greeni, Please don't panic.  I have exactly the same as you've described - daily pains that feel like period pains and pain in my hips and lower back too. I'm 45 and I was diagnosed and treated in 2015, and got the all clear in March 2016.   After undergoing all the tests that the doctors could throw at me, the Gynae specialist told me that the pains were due to the scar tissue which has formed post treatmeat (from radiotherapy).  I was told that surgery was not an option, due to the effect it would have on my digestive system, so the only option is trying to live with the pains.  Pain killers don't work for me also and because I work and drive, the more powerful pain killers are not an option for me.   The only thing I've found that works is accupuncture.  After my first treatment the pain completely disappeared, but after subsequent treatments the pain has returned.  Just got to find out that right combination of accupuncture points to do the job - so I'm hopeful.  You should give it a try.  Hope you find something that works for you.  Sharon x