Period type bleed two years after treatment

Hi just wondering if this is normal. I have put a call in to my CNS waiting for a call back. Finished treatment for stage 2 in April 19 with complete resolution.
I suffer from quite bad IBS infact the cramping can be quite severe. Had sex at the weekend and for first time ever i had spotting. Spoke to CNS who said this is perfectly normal. Yesterday i had what i thought was an excruciating IBS attack. Today i am bleeding like i am on my period. My periods stopped early treatment and I’ve been on HRT patches for 18 months.
Has anyone else experienced this?

This does sound unusual 2 years after treatment. I would definitely call your CNS about this, but try not to worry. I would imagine you’ve had regular check ups since your treatment?


Hi Murphy

I had a spontaneous and significant vaginal bleed about 2 years post treatment.

Not long before it happened I had an MRI which was NED; I called my CNS and was referred for an urgent check up with the Oncologist who did an internal examination which also indicated NED. I was advised that my bleeding was due to neo blood vessels forming as a result of my radiotherapy treatment; it seems these blood vessels are fragile and prone to bleeding.

I was advised to use a vaginal moisturiser (Sylk) regularly and I haven’t had any problems since. Of course you should contact your medical team asap but thought I would share that it’s possible such bleeding is nothing serious.



Thanks both. CNS called back. My recent MRI all clear and my Oncologist is confident all is good. Nurse explained about the blood vessels and has reassured me it is nothing to be concerned about. She is giving me a ring in a few days to see how i am. Just a bit of a shock after all this time to see blood and have what seems to be a light period. Not going to lie it has unsettled me :unamused:


I’m 5 years post and I still have bleeding after sex. My doc says it’s the vagina walls… he says I have a little atrophy doing on and the walls are thin from radiation. So apparently I’m always going to bleed… grrr. After my exams I always bleed for a couple of days. So for some it can be normal.

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Hi nm

I’ve recently been prescribed a topical oestrogen cream (Ovestin) for vulvovaginal atrophy and there’s been a definite improvement in the condition of the area.


Hey thanks for sharing. My doc did mention that at my next appointment he was going to give me something extra for the vaginal area, but he wanted me to make sure I took my hormones appropriately in between this time before he added the topical. So I may be getting something similar. I hope it helps! Sex is non existent anymore because it’s just so uncomfortable. Can’t even use the dilators…

I gave up on dilators after 18 months and bought small silicone vibrator which I find much easier to use. I got the vibrator from Jo Divine website ; there’s also some good information on various sex related topics on the website.