Period post lletz

hi all,

Im about 7 weeks post lletz and just starting my second period since lletz. My first was a bit odd in that although I had the same bad period pains that I always get, it’s like the blood wouldn’t come out or at least not in the way it usually would. This all probably sounds really weird but it would only come out when I went to the toilet, but not at all the rest of the time so on the whole I didn’t lose as much blood as I usually would. I’m just a bit worried that it’s not all coming out.... is that a possibility? Does anyone else have any experience with this or know why this would happen? I’m just at the beginning of my second period so no blood at all yet but the usual tell tale pains that it’s starting...

Thankyou in advance for your help! 


Hey, I'm not sure I'm much help. I took my pill back to back to avoid my first period as it was so close to lletz, had a little blood. Now I've just started my second period I suppose and its not usual at all and feels different inside as well if that makes sense.

I guess it'll take a little while for the body to figure out what's going on and find a normal pattern again.

Not much help, sorry. But maybe some comfort in knowing you're not alone in things not being normal.