Period post LLETZ? Concerned

Hi all

I had my LLETZ done on Friday 9th June in the morning, I was given a tablet by my GP to take to delay my period as I had CIN 3 and CGIN and did not want to reschedule. I stopped the tablets Thursday evening but still no sign of my period I don’t know whether the LLETZ itself may delay it even more but I am definitely not pregnant and it’s been 3 days since I stopped and no period. I am slightly concerned about this has anyone else had anything like this or had a period due immediately after LLETZ.

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Hi I’m worried about this too I had my LLETZ on the 21st june and was due/thought my period had already started the day before (concerned my slight bleeding before may have been something else) as I still haven’t had my period just the watery pink discharge. Has yours turned up yet hope your ok x

Sorry me again I’ve just been doing some digging as I saw another member post something about government guidelines and I went down a rabbit hole and found these about lletz effecting periods! They tested 751 women and of those that had lletz 71% had changes to their first period after treatment.

Explains we should be advised about temporary change to menstrual pattern

Shows the case study they did.

So at least we shouldn’t worry about that x