period pains or infection


I had a lletz on 28th,  my period is due this week but I have been having bad period type pains the past few days.  Is this just my period rebelling against the lletz or should I be heading of to my gp.  The lletz itself was fine with very little bleeding after.  Not as bad as all the Google horror stories.  :-)

Hi Clara,

Its probably just period pains, i think they can be a bit stronger after the lletz i would give it a few days then see your gp if it hasnt eased down. I had my LLETZ on 29th Jan and i still havent had a period yet! I did have sharpe pains around the time i was due but nothing came, got 2nd LLETZ tomorrow so hopefully my body sorts itself out after that!

Trudy x

Thank u.  Good luck for today,  hope all goes well.