Period pain after hysterectomy- ovaries left

Hi ladies, tomorrow I am 4 weeks post op from my laparoscopic hysterectomy. This week I have been experiencing mild ‘period pains’. Not string enough to take painkillers, but noticeable. I would have been due on my period this week, has anyone else experienced this or could I have simply done too much?

Thanks in advance, J xx


I've been getting a lot of different pains but haven't linked any of them back to what would have been my period times. Might have a look at calendar and do this! Get pains mainly in right hip and thigh, especially when done a lot do walking. Belly will swell and be tight then too which can be uncomfortable like period pains, even down into my lower back. Fun!

dons x

I must sound crazy, I only know as I have an app on my iPad from where I used to keep track of things haha. I’ve had a few aches and pains but mainly from when I had constipation and my UTI. Oh and now my blooming leg!

I was prepared for still getting pmt, but not period pains lol, oh joy! Thanks Donsxx


I'm glad it's not just me! I still have my ovaries and it's taken a while to separate the post op stuff but I can definitely tell my body experiences the same cyclical pains and symptoms as PMT when I used to get it. I also find I have period type pains too and I get all bloated. Just now there's no release of the period. I still get a nose bleed for a couple of days where I'd normally have a period too!

Our poor bodies must be so confused! I get back ache, leg pains, swell up and get dizzy in the same week I used to have my period. Guess we're still suseptible to being poisoned by our hormones even without a uterus.


We were promised no more periods after this op!!!! Grrrrrrrr..... ;-)


Aaaah, what a pain in the backside. All my friends have said “ooh no more periods, must be great”, errr no not when I still have the pmt to put up with and now the pains still!
Glad to know it’s not just me though, as horrible as it is.


Lying gits! Haha

Hi Everyone,

to to cut a long story short I had a hyst on the 21st Aug but there were complications so what was planned isn't what happened. BUT I am experiencing the same pain I had pre hysterectomy! have any of you ladies experienced this? X