Period like pain after stage 2b

Hi girls,

I finished my treatment in July last year and am now suffering with the various side effects. One that worries me is a period like pain I keep getting it also makes the tops of my thighs ache when it happens (which is like my period pain used to be like prior to this) does anyone else get this nearly a year on? I recently started HRT if that's relevant, my last scan was in Feb and was clear.

Kind regards,


Hi Laura,  yes I know what you mean. I was also 2b and same traement/initial result. I am about 6 months ahead of you on the timetable. I believe that the post radiation changes to the pelvic area continue to evolve for a long time after treatment. It is only recently that I have had the odd bit of pain or discomfort, but I try not to fear the worst each time. All the scarring, plus hormonally (or lack of them) induced changes means everything in there is being stressed and strained and so it is no wonder that there are sensations involved. I am writing this as I wait to go off for another 3-monthly clinic appointment, and strangely I find the longer I am post-treatment, the more nervous I am of the check-up results. I wish you all the best.