Period for more than a week? Scared!

I’m not sure where to post this as there wasn’t a specific category, but I’m HPV positive, last year my result was borderline cell changes and was confirmed with a colposcopy and biopsy.

Now my situation might be slightly unusual as I’m on a medication prescribed by my gyanecologist called Dienogest for suspected endo (not confirmed). I started this in April this year, had a 5-6 day period in May then some random irregular spotting a couple days in June and July and then August I had some heavier bleeding followed by some spotting for about a week.

I’m having a complete freakout anxiety-wise as just this last week (since the 22nd) my period showed up and since then I’ve been bleeding lightly. I thought it had stopped yesterday as it had mainly slowed to some very slight spotting but just now went to the toilet and am having some heavier spotting again. And just now I passed a tiny clot as well, which has me now completely paranoid.

This medication is meant to suppress menstrual bleeding and I felt most of the time it had been doing well since I’d not had my usual full on periods, but this last week has made me super concerned since it’s not stopping too. Is this likely to be hormonal or could this now have progressed to cervical cancer??

I’m absolutely beside myself worrying as I don’t see my gyn until November and my next smear also isn’t due until November. My colposcopy and biopsy was done at the end of January this year. Is it possible it can progress that quickly into something sinister???

I’ll see a GP as soon as I can but I can’t do that until Wednesday next week due to other commitments so I’m kind of upset and scared :frowning: