Period Cycle

Hello ladies, so my lltz /leep procedure to treat my Cervical Dysplasia caused by HPV was 2 weeks ago and post procedure my period arrived 1 week early and is also a longer cycle …not my usual 3 day flow. I could be perimenopausal as i am in my mid Fourties having turned 44 just 2 days ago.

Anyone else have longer periods following their lltz procedure and is this normal?


Same is happening to me. Periods one week early, heavy bleeding and abdominal cramps. I think its normal as my doctor stated " first cycles will be heavy than before"
But I’ m a little concerned too

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Yes - this can happen and it happened to me too (I am the same age as you so also wondered re perimenopause) but think it was more likely the LLETZ. I am due my second period post procedure soon so will see if things have settled down. I hope all is OK with you. X

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Ok im worries too ive been bleeding for 10 days now …is this normal though its like a period

This happened to me too but if you are at all worried, call the colposcopy clinic and ask their advice. They will be happy to speak to you and hopefully reassure you xx