period colposcopy

Well could it get any worse, my period has arrived today again..... i have called the hospital as i have my appointment for my colposcopy for tomorrow. they have said to come in and they will decide tomorrow if it is to heavy they will re book my appointment. i so hope to get it over and done with tomorrow and not have to wait further. x


It does seem to be the norm not to do colposcopy unless very light period, or at the very end of period, I'm afraid to say.

fingers crossed you're not bleeding much tomorrow...

good luck xxx dons

Go to your gp and ask for norethisterone which is a tablet that stops bleeding. What a shame u didn't know about this beforehand fingers crossed they don't rearrange as I know I would find that so difficult as the waiting is the hardest part x good luck 

The problem is my periods are all over the place at the moment, i seem to be having periods every two weeks or so. i so hope they dont re book tomorrow. my appointment is at 11:40 so i will be back on the site when i get back to let you all know. thank you for the replys, im in the frame of mind that they probably will not do the colposcopy tomorrow. xx

If u go tomorrow and can't do hopefully will book for in a few days There and then so they know u won't be on. Fingers crossed. Xxx

fingers crossed Dons, thank you for your support.much love x

well i have just got back from the hospital. They did do the colposcopy which i am pleased to get it over and done with. i had LLETZ, and biopsy i nearly shot of the table as the anaesthetic did not work straight away, so had to have more. it was fine though after. i am feeling a little tender, but sooooo happy they wait is over. i am sure the biopsy results will be fine. x 

So so pleased you got it done today!!!

ouch re the lack of LA! Not nice.... You must be a little relieved it is all over xxx fingers crossed for the results matey

dons x