Period came 2 weeks early, scared

I am almost 3 years post LEEP and have had all clear results. I started spotting after sex a few days ago, and it’s turned into a full period, cramps and all. It’s 2 weeks early. I also developed bacterial vaginosis (no chance of STD). I am 49 and pretty sure going into peri menopause. Why am I bleeding 2 weeks early??? I have a doc visit scheduled for next week but so scared.

I guess you’re scared of cancer - this is highly, highly, unlikely - a period coming early is not a cancer symptom, regardless of other things. But maybe you’re scared of the peri-menopause - this is much more likely to be the case (erratic periods) - and it is a game changer. I had a lot of health issues going into the peri-menopause, but it’s a stage that’s inevitable, unfortunately, in a woman’s life, and you’re at a prime age. Try not to overthink this - you have a doc visit booked; make sure you don’t work yourself up to a panic with Dr Google in the meantime. Hope they get the bacterial vaginosis sorted out as well. Having had CIN and LLETZ leaves you feeling vulnerable, but it doesn’t mean you don’t get other problem as well. X

Thank you so, so much. I have been reading other posts, and your replies are so comforting and encouraging. I am much more settled waiting for my doc appt. You are a lifesaver, thank you. :heart:

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