period after loop treatment

Hi. I had a smear and received an appointment from the hospita, the letter did not have any information just a time date etc

I attended the appointment on Tuesday and the consultant told me that the results of my smear were severe and that she was going to have a closer look at my cervix. 

While she was doing the colpscopy she said the cells were inside my cervix and she would have to do the treatment there and then. So I had loop treatment and now I am waiting on the results.

My period was due the day of the treatment but they have never arrived. i know im not pregnant, is this normal, im sorry but this is all new to me I really have no idea whats going on. I wish I asked more questions at the hospital. 



Hi I believe that this is normal and your period can be delayed to up to 6 weeks following the procedure. Did they not give you a leaflet after the LLETZ?