Period after LLETZ?....Lack of (children mentioned)

Hi girls

I am after some advice i had a baby in June and then had a period 9 weeks after he was born but then in the sep i had my smear which started all this anyway 6 weeks later after biopsy had another period so that was 22nd October then on the 12th november so only 3 weeks later i had my lletz which btw came back as nothing s othats good but obv i bled for a bit but since then no period. its 8 weeks exactly since i had treatment its quite possible my period was in there cos i did bleed for a few weeks after it.

My question is how quickly should they come back, is there something wrong or is my body just getting back into a cycle after having a little one?

Im frightened iv got a blockage although i have no pain, no spotting or anything else abnormal.

Don’t think LLETZ should affect the frequency of your period. It’s unlikely that anything is wrong, but speak to someone if you are worried. Better to get your mind put to rest than keep fretting about this - you’ve got enough to deal with already.

Good luck. X

Yeah i asked my GP and the nurse at family planning they both said not to worry its prob just my body getting back in synch after years on the pill and having had a baby but i dont know i just dont beleive ppl when they tell me that. 

lots of other people seem to have periods back right away