Period after biopsy on mini pill

Hi all,

I had a biopsy at colposcopy on July 20th and bled quite a lot. They treated that at the colposcopy and I went home fine but about 10 days later I started bleeding again with what I assumed was a period, but I’m on cerazette and so I don’t really get periods anymore - the last time I had any blood was November last year and it wasn’t even enough to use a tampon. On this occasion I used a pad and it was absolutely minimal - so so so light and pink mostly - but we are on day ten and there is still blood when I wipe.
I did skip a couple of pills and was a bit erratic with taking it as I’ve been so stressed out and frankly not having sex whilst I’ve been waiting for colposcopy and then results and I’m not sure if this is just rubbish timing coupled with erratic pill taking or something more? I called the clinic the other day about my biopsy results as I hadn’t had them back and they said I was being put back onto the usual 3 yearly smear rotation so I’m guessing there was nothing to report there (which is consistent with smears and colposcopy - I have persistent HPV but they didn’t think cell changes). Had this happened to anyone else? Does the biopsy mess up periods when you don’t normally have them? Thanks

Just an update (if anyone else is searching for a similar answer) the bleeding he now stopped so it looks as though it was just a slightly longer than normal period! (Probably down to the mini pill). I’ll be happy once I have the results letter in my hand rather than relying on phone calls but otherwise it just seems to be a coincidence that I had this weird period so soon after biopsy (and my own fault for skipping some pills!)

Dear Katie,

I’m not in your position (I’m post-menopausal) but I know that I’ve read a lot of posts from people who have experienced strange periods or untimely bleeding after having their cervix messed around with - either from biopsy or of course LLETZ. It is a delicate area! That and gaps in taking the pill may well have had an effect. The good thing is that you’ve stopped bleeding now, and I hope you’ll get a letter soon giving you the all clear for cell changes!