Penny Brohn Cancer Care courses to keep the cancer away- any good?


I live in Bristol where Penny Brohn Cancer Care have their national Hq.

I was wondering if anyone has attended their courses /got advice from them and if so was it helpful.

Am considering contacting them as although following my Lletz I am currently cancer free I am keen to make lifestyle changes to try and reduce the chance of reoccurrence and ideally get shot of the hpv causing my Cgin.

Would I be too minor a case for them (as my treatment has been rather inconsequential to date) 



Hi Sam

I'd be gobsmacked if they turned you away because your cancer diagnosis was too minor for them. Perhaps if you'd had abnormalities and no cancer they might be sniffy about it but since you've been diagnosed with cancer and initially recommended to have a hysterectomy your case sounds as 'real' to me as any other. I don't know anything about them but I would imagine they are happy to work on prevention as well as cure. I suggest you dig around a bit deeper to see if you can find any inderpendent reviews about them.

Be lucky


Thanks Tivoli:-D Sometimes because I got the c-bomb in the way I did (We found cancer....arrrgghh.... but it's gone...err good!?!) it all feels a bit surreal like it happened to someone else. I just feel "too" normal which I know I need to be very thankful for.  But in the back of my mind I just am mindful of it coming back. I will call them and see. If I am eligible I live so close it seems a good idea. They seem to be quite well supported as a charity in the area. Often see people running for them in local races etc. Then I can bore you all with incessant healthy living top tips 8-} xx lol 



Fabulous! Considering the fact that they were proposing a rad hyst for you and you've got off without one, you are a very lucky woman, but it's definitely something to take seriously. You are under close observation aren't you? Of course I am banned from boring people with incessant top tips for healthy living on account of my address ;-)

Be lucky :-)