Pelvic utrasound

I’ve not yet had a diagnosis, but I’m not sure where this topic fits in the forum structure as its not a colposcopy.
I saw my GP nearly two weeks ago with bleeding between periods, cramps and exaggerated PMS symptoms. She felt my stomach and then did a speculum examination. She said she could see " grey lesions" on my cervix and was going to refer me to colposcopy. So in a bit of a panic I googled colposcopy and eventually landed up on this lovely forum.

So I’m a bit shocked to have received an appointment through the post this afternoon for a pelvic ultrasound on the 11th of May, and possibly a virginal one too. Has anyone else had this done, apart from cancer could this be for something else? The lesions had me worried, but this letter suggests that the Dr was able to feel something during her exam. I’m sacred that this could mean something advanced.

I've had a pelvic ultrasound and a vaginal one. The pelvic one is no problem - you just have to drink a lot and have your tummy pressed which is uncomfortable.  The vaginal one is a bit like a smear with more movement,  not pleasant but we women put up with things like that!

I can't really say what the lesions may be but hopefully you will get the results back quickly x 

Hi Kate,

Try not to worry yourself too much. 'Something advanced' is literally staring the doctor in the face. It may be cancer it may not, but it's not so far gone you need to be particularly afraid. Even if it does turn out to be cancer this form of cancer is very curable and the treatment is not so difficult either. Just to put you in the picture a little clearer, Philleepa above had stage 4 and seems to be clear now though is awaiting follow up. I was stage 2 almost five years ago and haven't had any bother since my treatment.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Kate I had an Ultrasound in july 2014 when i started with bleeding every day I had external & internal examination. I didnt find it uncomfortable as the staff chatted about all sorts. At that time it didnt show any sign of Cervical cancer but i did find out I had 3 Kidneys (Duplex Kidney) I was 49 at the time and had lived all my life not knowing I had been born with it. I hope it goes well for you try not to worry about the procedure itself it is over quickly. Let us know how you get on I will be thinking about you xx

Thank you for all your kind words, ladies. I was just a bit shocked to recieve that appointment when I'd geared myself up for colposcopy. I think I need to step away for Google and calm down. I'll let you know how I get on after the appointment.

Hey kate, 

after reading your comment on the furum I was just wondering what the outcome was with the pelvic ultrasound? I was shocked to receive 1 yesterday which I have to attend on Thursday.. I had a biopsy 2 weeks ago on my womb and have already got the ultrasound and the colcosapy appointment... I’m very scared at the minute so I hope you don’t mind me contacting you

hope your well