Pelvic scan today

The doctor send me for a pelic scan and then on to the gynaecology because I was having bleeding after sex and bleeding in between peroids.

i went to have the scan done today and the find a cyst on my right ovaries. The gynaecology gave me a check over and we sat down to talk

he said that he wants to do some tests so tonight at 7 I have a colposcopy and on the 2nd feb to the hysteroscopy clinic. I am cofused as he didn't really say anything.

Hi Annmarie

It's so difficult to work out what's going on, isn't it? We just sit there, nodding our heads and it's only when we get out that we think, "Hang on a minute, what did that actually mean??" That's why taking a clever, sensible friend is always a good idea! ;)

I would say that they know you have a cyst but they want to check to see if anything else is going on in there. It's great that they can do the colposcopy tonight. Can you take someone with you? How about writing down some questions and make sure you ask them in the colposcopy clinic. You could ask whether the cyst could be causing your symptoms? What do they want to do about it? What does that involve? During the colposcopy: what can they see? When will you have the results? What will happen at the hysteroscopy clinic? Why do they want to do that?

I'm sure you will have lots of questions of you own, but, seriously, write them down. Once they're shining a light up you and checking your cervix out with a microscope it's likely you'll forget everything! ;)

I hope it goes really well for you!

Kirsty xx

Thank you very much for getting back to him. I went on my own and think I will have to go on my own again tonight. I have 4 children and no family around me so my husband will have to stay with them. But I will write any question that comes into my head between now and then. thank you very much.x

Will they tell me there and then if they find something?

Hi Ann Marie

Sorry you are having to go to these appointments on your own. You may feel like you might not want to say anything to anyone at the moment, but taking a friend, or having them babysit so you can take your husband would probably make you feel much more comfortable. Like Kirsty says it does sound like they are confident the cyst is what has been troubling you, but are making sure to give you the full MOT.

I don't think they ever really tell you much either way, unless they have lab reports in black and white. I know that is really frustrating and hope you get your answers really soon.

Sending you a huge hug and hoping you find a way to go with someone tonight 


Thank you very much for all the support ladies I have been given the all clear for cc.

Yay! Excellent news! Hope the rest of your appointments go smoothly and you get to the bottom of it really soon


WOW! Congratulations!

Now that is the fastest turnaround for good news I ever heard in my life!

I hope you're all listening out there and not still believing that only bad news travels fast!

Well done Annmarie, not only good news but you have helped to dispel another myth :-)

Be happy


Brilliant news, Annmarie! Hope they find out what's causing the problems very soon! 

Kirsty xx

Great news Annmarie xx

Woo great news’! Trivoli again you’ve made me feel a little better! Still in the waiting game!