Pelvic radiotherapy side effects

Hi, I'm new to the site and found you by searching for help, support and advice for my mum.. She had her hysterectomy 20 years ago but now sadly has a vaginal tumour. She finished 6 weeks radiotherapy and chemo in September but is still suffering side effects and I want to try to help her! has anyone else suffered chronic diarrhoea and griping wind? She's also concerned that vaginal disharge maybe the cancer and not a side effect of treatment?? Sorry if this is too much information but I'm not sure where else to turn. We're really struggling with it all!

thank you for reading

Hi Baggers!

There's no such thing as too much information here! Welcome! Yes, diarrhoea and farts abound after pelvic radiotherapy, it should settle down after a bit though. I know it can make you feel really down but hopefully it won't last too long and hopefully she can see the funny side and have a bit of a laugh. It's possible that the vaginal discharge could be a result of a bit of sunburn in there? Radiotherapy has a very similar effect to sunburn except it gets to places where the sun don't shine ;-) LOL

I imaginge she has some oncology nurses she could talk to? I'd like to be more help but I don't know exactly how the whole oncology regime works in dear old Britain.

Be lucky :-)


Thank you for your reply Tivoli! It's just reassuring to hear someone else say yeah thats normal! My mums frightened to talk to anyone incase they tell her something she doesn't want to hear but she did call the nurse yesterday and she's still waiting for a response as yet.. 

She had her follow up MRI on Monday and gets the big results on 5th January. So obviously her anxiety is sky high, and she doesn't see the positive side of things so she's very down at the moment.. Along with all this she was due to have her hip replaced, but now can't so she's hobbling around in agony - being in pain makes u feel rubbish doesn't it. I'm a nurse and feel so helpless!

I don't have any experience with what your mom is going through, I just feel so for you & her! I am wishing the best for her after this struggle, & that she gets help with the hip! Keep us posted, all the best!

Oh bless her! And bless you!

Yes, pain makes you feel like poop and so does anxiety, combine all that with a spot of 'bowel urgency' and a few farts thrown in and you're really up for the good times eh! And being helpless beside somebody you love going through all this is nothing less than torture. Best try to deal with the anxiety first. What can we find to distract her from worrying about results on 5th Jan? Christmas? Will that work? Can that take her mind off it at all? mince pies, a bit too much sherry, Fools and Horses on TV AGAIN! ;-) The sherry might help with the hip pain a tad. A few giggles, a couple of farts (blame those on the dog). Is this any help at all or just horribly shallow and trivial. I mean well :-/

Loads of love to both of you



Ah thank you salamoenti and tivoli, for your kind comments. 

I have two young girls (age 1 and 4) and so they keep her distracted a lot of the time although wear her out whilst doing it!

life seemed so straight forwards 6 months ago. I guess you know that feeling too well.

i appreciate your support :) 



Hello again :-)

Yes, certainly know the 'life was so simple before  .  .  .' routine :-)

Grandchildren in the form of a tidder and a toddler - how perfect! And tiring her out should help her to sleep better as well.

Be lucky


Thanks for that Tivoli, and the same to you too! Xx