Pelvic pain queries

A question for those who suffered with pelvic pain…

Is it normal for the pain to get worse, fairly quickly? In the past 4-5 weeks i’ve went from having no pelvic pain to constant pain.

It also seems to be worse when i’m really needing a pee, is that normal? I’m concerned that this tumour is growing in size every week. I know cc is typically very slow growing but my last smear was normal 3 years later I’ve been diagnosed following irregular bleeding.

Obviously I’m concerned that it’s going to be worse before I start my treatment.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Joix!

I am sorry you are experiencing pain! What stage were you diagnosed at and did they tell you your tumor size?

If you are concerned, I would try and call your doctor or schedule an appointment to be checked on. It is extremely unlikely that your tumor is suddenly growing at a rapid rate, it is possible that your body is just now having a reaction to the tumor.

For me, I experienced no pain until I did my pap smear that diagnosed me. I assume that my cervix was likely not bothered until that test. Then it got a bit worse after my coloscopy. My tumor was about 3cmx3cm and I experienced some discomfort when I was in a big need of using the restroom, pee or poop. This was likely because my cervix was irritated and inflamed after the pap and coloscopy, which is why I experienced no pain and then suddenly some pain.
It is possible that you are also just now “aware” of the tumor so you are more concerned with discomfort in that area than you may have been before. I don’t mean that you are making the discomfort up, but once a person is aware of a tumor it can cause your attention to the area to be heightened.

If you are experiencing pain, definitely reach out to your doctor.

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Hi Ivy, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. What you’re describing is exactly what I have, and it also started when everyone started examining me. My tumour is 6cm so it makes sense that it would be causing me some discomfort. I’ll mention it to my doctor at my next appointment. Thanks again, you’ve made me feel much better xx

Yeah, if what I described sounds about right then you should be okay. It’s just a bit sucky. If it became a bigger pain, definitely try and see your doctor sooner. Depending where your tumor is it could cause obstructions of organs and things of that sort. If it’s just a discomfort, you should be okay and make sure to mention it to your doctor next visit just in case. :slight_smile: good luck!

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