Pelvic Pain & Hpv+ Cin1

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Im 25 years old and never had kids. I’ve been reading so many posts on this forum for the past weeks as I’m stuck in quarantine in South Korea right now, I finish on Friday after which I’m going straight to the gynae. Last year I was diagnosed with high risk hpv and Cin1, because it was Cin1 my treatment was basically these immune boosters, they seemed to work because at my 6month check up those abnormal cells had gone but unfortunately I was still hpv positive and a few more strains was added into the mix. A year has passed since my last pap as I went back home and life went left for me, and I just didn’t go to the gynae (and I’m so upset with myself because of this). But anyway, just before coming back to Korea, about a month ago I bled a little after sex but I put it down to not having sex in almost two years and being dry? However, I’m starting to think it’s something more sinister as what I thought were ovulation pains are not going away, it’s been a week of pelvic pain now and it’s really getting me down as I cannot leave this room so it’s just me and my thoughts right now :sob: I’ve convinced myself I have CC and that whatever happens I will deal with it. But I just wanted to know if there is anyone else out there who has hpv cin1 and missed their 6 month smear? I feel really dumb right now.