Pelvic pain - HIV positive and low grade dyskarosis

Hi there

I am sick with worry and hope someone can help.

I’m 28 and had my second smear six weeks ago (my first one at 25 was fine). I got a letter saying I am HIV positive with low grade dyskarosis and will be sent an appointment for a colcoscopy.

However I’ve had pelvic pain and lower back pain to one side for the past two weeks… I’m really concerned that it will be cervical cancer that they find based on my symptoms.

Can this happen? Can they mistake cell changes for low grade if it’s cervical cancer or can it progress and have symptoms that quickly? :frowning:

Cervical cancer doesn’t give you any pain, unless it’s progressed and obstructed another organ, like bladder or bowel, or obstructing your periods, for example. If you have pelvic and lower back pain it’s likely to be something unrelated which equally needs investigating. If it’s accompanied by break through bleeding it could be related to something like endometriosis and I’ve even seen on this forum someone with similar pains who they decided was getting it on ovulation, and they realised it only happened around the time they ovulated. A good idea to keep a ‘pain diary’ to share with your GP or health professional, but cervical cancer is very sneaky indeed, and (if it’s squamous cell) takes many years to develop, and you’re likely to get no symptoms until late stages, when there will be some discharge. I had stage 3 and no pain at all, but the discharge alerted me that all was not well.

Not time to panic, definitely, but important for your own wellbeing that these things are sorted out. Hopefully the colposcopy will put your mind at rest about the cancer. X

Thank you so much for replying. It has continued to get worse over the last week and I don’t have any other symptoms apart from the constant pelvic pain. I haven’t had my colposcopy appointment through yet and just really starting to panic. I met with my GP and he said to wait for the colposcopy x