Pelvic Pain After Hysterectomy for stage 2 CC


Not really sure what I'm doing as never posted before but here goes...

I had a hysterectomy at the end of April this year as the final part of my treatment for stage 2 adenocarcinoma. The thing is, I now am suffering from pain in my sacral region which is worse when standing for any length of time. This coupled with feeling exhausted/breathless all the time, painful legs, and feeling full after a small amount of food...I know it's normal to feel on edge about future cancers/illnesses, but I'm also one for putting things down to something not worthy of seeing a, I'm more afraid they'll think I'm just panicking because of my history! 

Has anyone else had similar pain a few months after an abdominal hysterectomy? I'm hoping it's just adhesions (or nothing!), but also don't want them missing something more needy of treatment...

I sound like such a whinger...sorry, I'm not usually like it

I hope you can shed some light...

Hi Bex,

Welcome to Jo's,sorry you are having problems.I would

call and ask your gyny nurse and she what she recommends

you do.You are not a whinger,if things have change or got worse

you need to get to the bottom of it.Probably just you healing,but

best to check.April is not that long ago,so maybe you have been doing

too much and it's your body saying slow down abit.

Hope everything turns out fine.Let us know how you get on.

Take care

Becky x

Hi Bex

Has the pain just started?  I had coccyx pain after my hysterectomy and to be honest it hasn't completely gone yet even though it's been nearly a year.  Anyway, I was told that it was caused by the op itself and is quite common.  It could be something like that but I would still go with what Becky said and phone your nurse.

I also had a back problem trigger off about 3 months ago and I saw a chiropractor.  Turns out it was a lower back problem most probably caused by the surgery and the position I had been in and had subsequently been holding myself in afterwards.  I was told that my pelvis was also out of alignment.  It was popped back in again no problem.

I also had the thing with feeling full after only a small amount of food too.  That went on for several months but did gradually change.

Hope you get sorted.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx


I had lower back ache and  legs hurting and ovaries felt like the throbbed all the time. I had a treatment called Craniosacral Therepy.  And it was amazing within 2 days all my aches had completely eased up. And I was having quite a bit of discharge, which also cleared up within a few days.  I have had treatments in the past for other reasons and it's always worked for me. Look it up and have a look into it. I would recommend it to all the ladies here for after a hystrectomy. Just a wee thought 

Hope you feel better soon xx

Hi Bex, I had an abdominal hyst last March and to be honest still suffer with random aches, pains and occasional bouts of bowel troubles. Apparently it can take up to 2 years for things to settle down totally (they only told me that recently!) April isn't long ago for the abdominal took me a good year. Everyone's different though and you're the expert on your own body. If it's worrying you do get it checked out. All the best Jo xx

i was told that when they do the op they tilt you head down so gravity can help keep other organs out of the way. This means a lot of pressure is put on your lower spine. Also because your stomach muscles have been weakened ypu compensate by using your back muscles. It's horrible that now every pain triggers fear. I know that feeling. But it would appear back pain after a hyst is pretty common .