Pelvic Exenteration

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with a tumour in my vagina in January and since then have had rounds of chemo and radiotherapy. The latest PET/MRI scans show that tumour is still growing and next step will be pelvic exenteration. I have the pre-assessment surgery next week to check that I'm a suitable candidate for the surgery. The thought that I might not be is more terrifying than the thought of the surgery itself...

Scared and bewildered and know that I'm going to be in for a tough ride here, but really want to connect with some women who've already been through this and lived to fight another day.

In need of support, guidance and inspiration!

Best wishes


Hi if you ask to be moved over to other private forum there’s a few ladies who have had it done will talk to you about it x

Thanks Unicorns. I've filled out the form to register for the private forum - waiting for access! x

Hi Nisty ,

I am in the advanced forum and had total pelvic exenteration six months ago. I also had vaginal cancer like you  but  I had a rare cancer if of  cervix 21 years ago.

Feel free to message me privately if you wish and I will tell you more about it. I understand what you mean about being terrified about not having it. If you can have it, it's not an easy ride so be prepared for some very  rough times ahead. However it is worth it. I am fully recovered now and in Istanbul.

Kind regards,

Karen x



I’m sure we will see you on the other side but there are a few of us who have had it. You are right in that it’s a scary operation but you seem to be set on wanting to have it which is great.

Everything crossed for you.

Cara xxx

I am awaiting to see if I can have the pelvic exenteration surgery,I am also diabetic and given a less than 40 % chance of it working,is there any advice you can give me. I have registered for the private forum just waiting to be accepted . Thank you x

Hi Jack, 

I am in the advanced forum and had TPE 18 months ago. 

If you would like to message me privately I can answer any questions you may have.  I am currently the only TPE that remains regularly active on the advanced forum but it's well worth joining because it's still a really supportive club.  

Karen x



Hi I'm new to this forum ,I am going threw what you went threw a year ago ,was wondering if you could give me any guidance. Also are you on the private forum ?