Pelvic discomfort - help?

Hello, Can anyone advise me please....

I was diagnosed a few weeks ago. Clinically a 1B2 and yesterday had a PET scan and awaiting results. Hoping to find out early next week what the treatment will be. 

Today I haven't been feeling so good. Very tired, pretty shakey and my pelvis feels very uncomfortable. Bloated and achey, almost like period ache/heaviness. Is this something I should contact the hospital or doctor about or am I just being paranoid?

Thanks guys


A lot of women here report a bunch of new symptoms shortly after diagnosis and for the most part many of us suspect that we are simply more aware of aches and pains we would normally ignore. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is very emotionally traumatic and so tired and shakey can be a result of that. Depending upon how soon you expect to receive your results you could either wait until then to report your latest observations or contact them sooner if it's really troubling you. Don't feel that you must be silent and patient if it's bothering you as a few words of comfort from a medical professional can really set your mind at rest.

Be lucky :-)

I think I was just being super-aware/paranoid of every little feeling. I have since calmed down. What a roller coaster!