Pelvic Aching. Very worried!

Hi there,

This is my first time posting anything, however, I've been reading the  posts from others trying to find an answer to my concern.


I'm about one year post radiotherapy (including brachy) for cc that was 2a2 and not the most common(sorry, I forget the actual term), but is now seemingly gone.


I'm pretty much permanently anxious it will come back, but for about a week now I've had a dull aching all over my pelvis, something akin to menstrual ache, that just won't go - and I'm getting increasingly scared it's come back.

Can anyone help put my mind at rest, please.

Hi Bettycake :-)

Is adenocarcinoma the word you are looking for?

I am not a doctor and I cannot say to you 'Oh don't worry it definitely hasn't returned', but what I can say to you is that most of us are pretty much permanently anxious that it willl come back and that most of us get aches and pains that terrify us. Take a deep breath, call your doctor, make an appointment and voice your concerns. You will probably find that once this one has turned out to be nothing to worry about, and the next one and the one after that, that you become less terrified. I hope so, it's awful being frightened the whole time, believe me, I know!

Be lucky :-)


Hi Bettycake,

I almost posted a similar post myself last week only i couldnt get the website to play.  I am 6 months post total hysterectomy and myself had these pains all last week, they were exactly like that dull draggy period ache which too has had me stressed.  I called my oncologist as im due my vault smear soon and got a date through the follwing day to go in on the 1st June.  they are very good to follow through quickly if you have any concerns so give them a call.

Its worth mentioning that I also had tender breast two weeks prior to this, i always would get this when i ovulated and this was the first time id had this since my op even thouogh they left my overies in and I was told would continue to ovulate, im wondering (hoping)  if its some sort of phantom pain.

Hope you get sorted and i will let you know what they say when i see them, my pains have passed now but lasted a week same as when i had a period.

love sarah xx


 I am almost 9 months post-treatment. I started feeling the pelvic cramping when I was 6 months post -treatment. I mentioned it to my oncologist and he didn't really think much of it. I have my PET scan in a few weeks and I am so nervous as I'm also bleeding after intercourse. I think it's just all part of the healing process, but I can relate to your concern. i have pelvis aches almost every day now, but it doesn't stop me from what I need to do. I always say, better safe than sorry so it doesn't hurt to ask your doctor, after all, that's what they are there for!