peeing/ number 2

Hi ladies, 

Just wanted to start this off by saying  massive  thank  you  to all the wonderful  women who has gave me all the information  before my operation Smile it really did help a lot. 

But after the treatment I have had the most horrible  stomach  pains I have ever experience  in my life, and tryin  to  go the toilet  has been so bad I even cried. I am just praying this will get better soon because it is so bad. But today I went  back to the hospital  to have my catheter removed and guess what! I still can not  pee I'm so sorry to keep going on but this is really  getting me down, so after having  been  home with  this catheter for a week, they  had to pick it be in for 2 weeks I'm really  scared  that I will never  be able  to have a wee naturally again, I'm just praying after the 2 weeks has gone by everything  will go back to normal. My consultant  said  it's common  with women who had open radical hysterectomy is this true? If anyone  can give any advice  that would be great.


Thanks ladies xxx

Hello sweetheart,

I feel for you really I do. I had to stay in hospital for a full two weeks following my rad hyst because my digestive system just refused to get started again. I remember crying myself to sleep thinking I would be on a drip permanently. I was utterly wretched, but, it did get better, now everything works properly. Bodies are amazing things and they want to work properly, just some take a bit longer than others to get over the shock. A radical hysterectomy is a very big shock to the system!

Be lucky


Thank you for your reply,  hearing that you went through the same thing really does help, I know I need to remind my self I only had surgery 12 days ago and your body does need time.  Thank you so much  hun xx

Hi, ive not been on for a while so ive not seen the rest of your story but i felt compeled to reply to this.  My friends and family would all tell you if they were here now that the absoloute worst part of my hyseterectomy was going to the toilet afterwards, i dont think there is a single person I havent discussed my bowl movements with since (wether they like it or not haha)

I had my TH in novemeber and the same as you sat there many a time in tears on the toilet both going number 1 and number 2.  With number 1 i always felt there was more to come, id sit id wait and nothing but i would carry the sensation of needing to pee all the time.  then number 2 it was just mostly agony, pains when i needed to go, pains when i tried to go, many hours just sat on the loo (yes crying).  One thing that was suggested to me that helped a little was holding a folded up towel against the scar when pushing.  the good news is it does get better, it took about 6-8 weeks to settle and occasionally i still get the odd grumble especially if i hold my wee in too long but it will ease i promise.

Hope everything else is going well. sarah xx

Hi hun, thanks for the tips and the information :-) can not wait to get rid of this catheter and a happy enough number 2 lol 

Thanks sazbee1974


Just a quick tip for a no 2 just in case you don't know - it makes it easier to go if you put your feet on something raised whilst sitting on the loo - I used an upturned washing up bowl.  I was told to do it at the hospital and it really did help.



And blowing out slowly, like blowing bubbles. If you are constipated laxatives might be needed. Just try to stay on top of it. If I don't go one day i take Senna daily until I do. Prune juice works, as do apricots, not loads just a couple. You could ask for docusate. I take 2 daily to keep things soft, sometimes it's not constipation it's just a slow sluggish bowel so you have to manage it.

Hi Kay,I can totally sympathize with you regarding the catheter business,I had to have one in for a month and each week I went back to the hospital to see if my bladder worked guess what - it wouldn't perform,I was getting so upset and disheartened thinking I would be like it forever,in the end I was given some compact speedicaths so I could empty my bladder myself at home and re-train my bladder,it was a bit of a fiddly business but in the end everything came good,your consultant is absolutely right it is very common,just think what your poor body has been through, your doing amazingly well,I know it's hard but be patient your bladder will be back to normal before you know it sending a big hug cj xx

Hi. My bladder was incredibly naughty after my RH. I had an underling catether for about 8/10 weeks, then had to self catheterise for another 3/4 months. I too thought I'd never get back to normal and it got me really down. i am totally back to normal now (14 months post op) and have been for a while. My blog has far more detail. Message me if you feel it would help.