PCB, no answers!! Help :(

Hello, this is going to be a bit of a story so i’m sorry for that! I’m just not getting straight answers from anyone at the NHS and feel like i’m being told different things by different people.

In October 2014 i started having bleeding after intercourse (about half a teaspoon) and quite a lot of pain high up (around the cervix i’m guessing).

So In January 2015 i booked myself in at the doctors who said i would not be allowed a smear because of my age but to see a doctor, which i did who told me the same thing. But referred me to gynecology.
I was examined by the head of gynecology at the Hospital who tried to make my cervix bleed but said she couldn’t.
I was then waiting for appointments for ultra sounds and vaginal ultra sounds, which i had 2 of, one found a cyst on my ovary and then 6 weeks later it had gone.

I had blood tests for anaemia and ovarian cancer. I had all the STD tests and everything came back normal. Apart from just borderline anemia.

My main worry was the bleeding and no one was giving me answers so i went private for a smear. The woman said it looked like i had “sensitive cells” and bled a little bit. When i had the results it said i had high HPV and abnormalities.

I informed my doctor who then referred me for a colposcopy. They took 2 biopsies and “fragments” from a reddish area, the results came back normal it says on the letter. So they said they would not treat the HPV or reddish inflamed area because it should heal on its own.
But they then said it looked like i had ‘thin skin’ (i dont know what this means) and that it could be causing the bleeding after intercourse. (I suffer with panic attacks so after they had taken the biopsies i was sick, nearly passed out and had to be put in a bed) So it never crossed my mind to ask further.

I was booked in to have this ‘thin skin’ burnt off with cold coagulation, where i saw another woman who said she was just burning off that red patch. After that treatment i again had another panic attack and was sick, and didn’t think about it til a few days later that i had the patch burnt off and not the thin skin…which then left me confused.

I did phone the number given to me on the colposcopy sheet after the treatment who said the person who did it would have removed everything the thin skin and the patch. But i dont recall her moving it, just making me count to 30 and keeping it in one spot!

This treatment did nothing for me and i still bleed after intercourse and i’m in pain during as well. So i just don’t do it anymore. I have been with the same partner through all this.

I’m booked in for a laperoscopy on Monday 1st Feb for the pain and they told me to mention the bleeding. But no one seems to be interested in the bleeding which i’ve told them so many times is my main concern. I’ve read that cervical cancer is not hereditery, but my mum has had it and had to have a hysterectomy and a relative of hers died from it. On the 22nd of Feb i am having another smear at Bupa as well. As the NHS wouldn’t give me one again.

Just abit of background information if it helps:
I had the vaccine for cervical cancer when i was 16. I’m not on any form of birth control but i have been in the past, i was on the pill for around a month and abit september to october 2014. I have been on the pill before then as well for long periods of time on and off. I’m on citalopram, bitahistamine, pseudophedrine, nasonex, propanalol and i take allergy tablets everyday.

I’m basically just unsure of whats going on, I’ve been told over the phone from my gynocologists secretary that it’s just something that happens. But thats it, i’ve been given no explanation or clue or reassurance.

I hope this is easy to understand lol!
Sorry for the essay.

Hi it sounds like you have an ectropian (erosion) of the cervix, when you mention inflamed thin skin area. It easily bleeds (esp after intercourse) and is harmless. It can occur from taking the pill and during pregnancy and after having children. I have suffered with this too and it took a while for mine to settle down after having treatment. When did you have the cautery/cogulation? X

thanks for your reply :) 

i had it back on 30th September. I've read about that and it sounds about right it's just no one professional has mentioned it to me, just the thin skin part really! I'm not pregnant nor have I had kids. I dont know if it can just happen :( I've Been told I have a slightly tilted womb as well which is apparently very common! Xxxx

The fact you've had biopsies of your cervix and that there's no malignancies is good. The hpv virus tends to go away on its own, maybe by next smear it will have gone? After my colposcopy and biopsy, i was told i have the HPV virus and to just wait for my next smear which is due this Nov. I had my treatment for my erosion and biopsies last September. Being on the pill for long stretches can cause parts of the cervix to erode. How old are you? I also take some of the medication you have listed x

Hey, no ones really told me that i have any erosions though, some people have said it bleeds easy and others haven't. So I'm kind of in two minds, with no answers. i just wish someone would explain to me about the bleeding rather than the pain.

I'm 22. Nearly 23.xxxx

Im not sure what the thin skins means could just be that you are more sensitive than others and that the slightest interference can aggitate and cause bleeding. A colposcopy nurse said to me i could just have a naughty uterus causing random bleeds, bcos abnormalities had all been ruled out. How come you are having laparoscopy? Have they mentioned endometriosis? I also have a tilted womb which can make smears more uncomfortable x


me either!! I'm guessing it's like erosion. Im having that because of the pain during intercourse they're seeing if there's anything they haven't picked up on. I don't have endometriosis or polyps etc apparently! Xxx