PCB and Abnormal cervix

Hi guys, im new and to be honest getting myself into a bit of a tiz (im an old hand at this so really shouldnt)

A bit of back story, ive had abnormal smears for years now, since my first smear actually, I think I was about 19/20

I know it was not long after having my son. Was told it was CIN1 and they would keep an eye on it

Had 6 monthly smears until it became CIN2 then had LETTZ treatment

Continued with 6 monthly smears for about 18 months then went onto yearly smears

Had my daughter at age 30 then moved to Australia where I had a smear and was told CIN3

Had LETTZ and told if I wantd more kids I would need a stich in my cervix they had took alot of it away

CIN3 right to the edges of the biopsies and told to have my smear repeated back in england in 6 months.

Moved back home, had smear and all clear YAY!! Told to have another smear in 3 yrs (???)

Never recived my last invite for a smear (I was due 3 months before having a kidney transplant so was kind of destracted)

I now have had post coital bleeding and break through bleeding for about 5 months, as well as some discomfort during and after sex.

I went to see my GP (who told me it had been 5 years since my last smear) and booked me in for an urgent smear and swabs.

They have all come back fine (I must admit I was shocked that the smear had come back neg) He told me he had been in touch with a specialistand they wanted him to examine me (because of my history) but when he looked at my cervix he told me it was abnormal as it has red and white patches on it and has referred me to see a specialist. He told me that although it is unlikely to be cancer, he didnt like the look of my cervix and it needed to be ruled out!

A few days later I got a phone call from the hospital telling me that I have an appointment on Thursday 30th Jan

Things are happening really really fast and its got me worried.

All sorts of things are going through my mind, did they miss something on my smear? Is it cancer and thats why the smear hasnt picked it up?

Im in a right state inside but am managing to keep it together on the outside.

To make matters worse my cousin has just had a hysterectomy for Cervical Cancer (luckily they caught it in time and she hasnt needed chemo)


Sorry for the long post, i just needed to get it all out





Hi Bella, I hope you get answers soon. I had lletz in 2011 for Cin 3 , it was my first smear at 25 so was quite shocked to learn i had cin2, punch biopsy then came cin3 so sent me for lletz, margins came back clear and had normal smears since then but in the last year I've had bleeding almost every time I have a bowel movement, its only spotting but is sometimes heavy and definitely when I wipe at the front. I had no spotting /bleeding before my treatment and whenever I get a smear the doctor always says I have bad cervical erosion. I had my hormone levels checked and everything is fine, even stopped my pill after 13 yrs in September to check it wasn't this messing up my body. waited 3 months in total to get these results as first set were borderline so had to retest 6 wks later.  To be honest i knew it wasn't hormonal but wanted to rule this out. Whenever I google bleeding after bowel movement the only people who have had this are pregnant but I get my period evry month without fail and tested negative around 2 months ago, negative for all std's but still getting this spotting which can at times be brown blood, if my cervix is bleeding due to straining for bowel movement surely blood would be bright red? My GP has referred me to gynaecologist. Got letter yesterday but it said wait time normally 12 weeks 'sorry we couldn't get you an appointment within this timescale' Yet appointment is 11thfeb 2014, quite confused. Has anyone actually waited 12 weeks for this or Is a few weeks normal? I had a colposcopy before my lletz in 2011 unsure if this is another colposcopy or something different. I haven't had any children yet and have been worrying last few years (I'm only 28) that maybe I've left it too late, my mum had to have hysterectomy at 28 due to severe endometriosis but she had all 3 of us by then. Feel so stressed by it all. Sorry for the huge post but I really related to your story as it sounds similar to mine in so many ways.


I hope everything is ok with you and good luck for the hospital! Xxx