Patient Representative Required for Screening & Immunisation Teams in Leicester & Lincoln

NHS England are currently looking for patient representatives to attend their Cervical Screening Board meetings.

Ideally a patient representative would have accessed her cervical smear test(s) through the screening programme and have had the experience of attending colposcopy recently, within the last couple of years if possible. 

The commitment involved would be to attend the quarterly Board meetings (both areas have 4 meetings a year and the dates are planned a year in advance to secure the clinician attendance).  The meeting in Leicester is held at the Leicester Royal Infirmary in Leicester City, and the Lincoln one is held at Lincoln County Hospital in Lincoln City.

Each meeting is 2 hours long, so you would have travel time either side of the dedicated 2 hours depending on where you live.

You should be willing and able to contribute in the forum of the meeting.  Prior to any one attending a Board meeting we would organise to meet in person and discuss any questions they may have.  Confidentiality is key, as you would be privy to information that may not be in the public domain at the time of the Board meeting, and will receive electronic copies of all the relevant Board papers.

Please contact Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust if you are interested.