patient notes

Hi ladies,

Does anyone know if we can get copies of our hospital notes?

The last time I went to the gp they didn't have my hospital notes on their system. I had to give them my history from memory.

Then when I went for my second Lletz a couple of weeks ago (my appointment was with a different consultant in a sister hospital to the one I had been regularly going to) I had a o wait for over an hour after my appointment time because they couldn't find my notes either. They weren't even sure what procedure I was meant to be having and had to come and ask me what I thought I was there for and what my medical history was!

I was thinking if I had a copy of my notes I wouldn't have this problem again!

And I'd have a better idea of what exactly is going on down there.

From getting the results of my first smear I have felt lost, knowing what is going on, researching and finding Jo's trust has helped me gain a bit more control. I watch all my procedures on the screen in the colposcopy room and drive the doctors and nurses asking loads of questions. Some people might prefer to just know what they need to know, where as I want to know everything including all the potential outcomes. I don't like surprises good or bad, I get really anxious waiting for results its been nearly 3 weeks since my second Lletz and I'm on a rollercoaster of ups and downs waiting for the results.

Hi Hun,

im assuming your in the uk... If so then medical records are protected By various pieces of legislation....You do have the right to apply to see them using something called Caldicott principles.... But it's quite a lengthy process.... But essentially they are records about you that are owned by the nhs....oh n hospitals usually use completely different i.t systems to the gp,s just to complicate things so can't see what they've written, but often get results etc sent thru with letters n stuff..... Medical records are a bit of a nightmare!!! .... hope that helps a bit x x x

Hi. Because I move a lot, I keep all the letters I got in a file and ask the consultants who performed the treatment to write more details. At least it helps. And that’s also what they advise me to do as they are aware of problems with patients’ notes between hospitals.