Pathology Results from Radical Hysterectomy

Dear All,

Just wanted to send an update. I phoned the hospital today to see if they had any news on the Pathology Resuts from my radical hysterectomy on 10.01.13.  I am glad to say that they are clear!!  I now have to go for follow up meeting and then will be 3 monthly monitoring.

Thanks for all your recent support,

Sending big hugs & positive thoughts to everyone,


Lots of Love Snowflake xxxxxxxxxxxx

Fantastic news! So pleased and relieved for you. Hurray! :-)


That is great news :) I had a radical hysterectomy on 10/01/013 too.  good luck with your follow up appointments xx

That’s great news Snowflake - that makes us 2 for 2. Congratulations!!! xxx

Great news Snowflake.

Glad to hear it and best wishes

Kath xx