Pathology results delayed

Hi everyone

I had a hysterectomy on 12th August for stage 1b cervical cancer, i was just wondering how long everyone had to wait for pathology? I was prebooked an appointment for today for the results but they’ve now canceled saying they are still looking at my results and this has really worried me :sob:

Hi Eliza

Just checked my log book: I waited 18 days for my pathology results following my hysterectomy. Could be all sorts of reasons for the delay e.g. results are waiting for authorisation on the lab computer etc etc


Thank you for your reply,

The receptionist that called me said sometimes they need further testing but since then Iv spoke to my nurse and she said she can’t understand why the receptionist said this as there is actually no reason it’s simply that the results aren’t back yet. It’s looking like 10days was rather early to have received the results so Iv got my fingers crossed that it’s just that they’re not ready yet xx

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