Pathology findings

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the site. I was recently diagnosed with stage 1b2 adenocarcinoma and had a radical hysterectomy performed. The pathology report showed a 3.0 cm tumor and cervical wall (stroma) involvement. Has anyone else had a similar finding on their pathology report and if so, was there additional treatment after the surgery?

Praying for all on this site :pray:t4:

Hi Lucy and welcome (sadly for you) to the site. I hope you’re recovering well from your radical hysterectomy. It’s important for you to have some feedback from your team as to what the next steps are. There is a chance they will want to do radiotherapy because of the implication of the cervical wall, but your case will be viewed on an individual basis - but please do ask your nurse specialist what is likely to happen.

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Hi Jacks,

Thanks for your response. My medical team is currently going back and forth between observation versus radiation. I received a 2nd opinion and that physician consulted with her team and they were also split down the middle. Hopefully, I’ll receive an answer from my first medical team this week. I’m also looking into a 3rd opinion. I believe I saw some posts on here about being in a gray area. That’s where I am unfortunately.