Passing flesh after lletz

Hi ladies, I'm 3 weeks post lletz for cin 2 and this morning I passed a small piece of skin (white). What is that? Anyone? 

Hey Alizee... i had a biopsy and cauterization and had somethig similar a few days later... from what I managed to find online, its not actual skin but rather the stuff they use to 'seal' the area, kinda like an internal band aid. Be prepared, there may be more-i passed a tiny piece in the morning and later at night I passed a very large piece with quite a lot of black bits in it-it was kind of like a ball that came undone as I wiped and ended up being about 2 inches in length. I also felt like I was passing needles when I went to the bathroom that whole evening-not the nicest experience at all-i wish they would tell us to expect it!!