hi girlies,

i was in 2 mind whether to post this or not but thought stuff it, it wont hurt. besides im so excited at my dissertation being handed in :smiley:

as most of you know i should, with some luck, be graduating on the 20th of november, im also moving house that weekend. so i thought about having a housewarming/graduation party and id love some of you jos girls to be there cos you’ve all helped me so much and i couldnt have got this far without you all.

i know theres a few from up north who cant get to the london meet so thought this would be a good way for us to all meet :smiley: and for anyone else who wants to travel to my little house of course :smiley:

failing that, how about an xmas meet for us up north??
im at the london meet so the evening of the 24th would be best for me for either.

let me know if any of you have any ideas.

hi claire,

i won’t be around that weekend i’m afraid- its “Reclaim the night” march in London. good luck with the move and finishing up your course!


jess xxx