Partner diagnosed this week

Good evening all

First of all id like to say my heart and thought are woth all thosw going throigh this? Amd with support this could possibly be made a little easier......if that even possible. I'm 36, my partner is 34 and we have 3 young beautiful children. My partner was diagnosed 2 days ago with cervical cancer and to be honest it's hit us both like a pile of bricks. I'm trying so hard to stay strong at the minute, I'll not lie but it's very very hard and I don't really think it has really sunk in yet. We don't yet know the severity of the cancer and won't know until a week on Tuesday after doctors have a meeting with regards to the next stage of treatment. It doesn't help having to wait and not knowing the full extent of what we're dealing with and going through every emotion possible and thinking through every possible outcome (both good and bed) throughout the day. I honestly don't know what I expect from this forum or what I can offer other than my/our experience from whats happened in the last 8 weeks or so to what happens in the future. 

Thank you 

Hi Martin 

im sorry to hear that cc has entered into your lives. It's so very scary not knowing exactly what you and your wife are facing but rest assured this cancer is very treatable and the aim will be to cure. 

As soon as the dr give a plan the both of you will feel better and the treatment is very doable. Most women who have a radical hysterectomy do quite well especially with a good support system at home to help with the first few weeks after surgury and even if your wife goes to chemorad it doesn't mean the aim is not to cure. The chemorad is very doable. She would not loose her hair and it's a fairly quick treatment done within a 55 day or quicker span. 

I went straight to chemorad as I was a 2b and drove myself daily 45 there and back. My hubby still worked daily except he took 4 days off for the internal brachy at the end. I had a baby under the age of 1 at the time of treatment and managed just fine. 

Do stay away from that dreaded Google as there is so much false info and 90% is outdated. Statistics rally are falsely informative. When I was diagnosed I was so scared based on what I read and mentioned it to my dr who told me that none of that really is patient specific and is greatly off by some huge numbers. 

Just hold her hand and be there for her. If she needs to cry then let her cry, if she needs to talk then listen, if she needs to yell then scream with her. My hubby got on my nerves when I was diagnosed because he started telling me everything I should eat and how much to drink and he was bringing home all these supplements and I honestly wanted to have him just eat chocolate with me and hold my hand. 

The waiting is the worst part. You will get there and get through this and it will make you guys even stronger. If you have any More questions feel free to come back her or invite her to join our little club. 

all the best 

Hi  i was quite  poorly so my partner  reduced hrs at work  to help  me  as  i had  2 external  drains n needed  2 blood transfusions my bloods were  extremely low for bout month  after  treatment my partner  used to twjr5 children  out  4 a few hrs at weekends so i could  rest this  might  help your partner  if she  us very tired  lik i was  im happy  to answer  any  questions  either  of you have stay strong and  remember  you  can  fight this 


a little over a month ago my partner had a hysterectomy but was able to keep her ovaries. All results from op are good and they are almost certain that they have taken away all the affected area. She now well on the way to getting back to so called normality which is excellent for her and out going family. She's had her ups and downs with some set backs from a bit of infection but she's been brilliant throughout all this. Had more test to come in October time as followup but positive thinking and all will be good. Thank you for your stories and show of support. Anyone who may have to go through this, can i just say yes at 1st it is very very difficult to take it all in and understand whats going on but stay positive, talk to close ones, take each day as it comes as no one day seems the same and please please STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE. I'll update after future tests and look in to offer and show support now and again. Love and good luck to you all x

Great news, I'm so glad your partner is doing well and I wish you both the very best for the future xx

This is  such  good news im so happy  4 u