Partial pathology results

hi everyone, I am recovering from radical hysterectomy now just over 3 weeks. I had a call today from secretary to say that pathology result shows a small area that  had CIN3 and that the gynecologist will be sending me a letter and an appt to review me soon. can anyone enlighten me as to what the next step is? I will not receive letter for a day or so. Just a bit anxious. Does this mean it's gone or is there a chance it has spread? At this stage haan anyone been offered therapy? Thanks in advance.

Can anyone respond? Would this now mean other therapy? 


I am really sorry no one has answered u.,as i have no experience with this. But i am sure someone will come alone that can help. Good luck :-)

Thank you for getting back to me, you're soo good! Hoping I'll recieve a letter on Monday as it didn't arrive today. ☹️ 

I am sorry no one with more experience than I had got back to you. Given CIN3 is pre-cancerous and most radical hysterectomy's involve removal of the cervix, I would have thought this is a routine review. 

Personally, if your results don't come Monday. I would either try and speak to the gynae nurse Allocated to you, or go to the hospital Monday and pick the results up off the secretary. 

i think I am lucky as the secretary and gynae nurse email me my results.


Thank you She Wolf, no letter yesterday & if none today I will ring them. Out of my mind with worry.

thanks for getting back to me. X 

I hope you have had some good news, now. 

Hi there, report says high grade CIN3 found so I am really glad I made the decision to have everything removed as she thought she got it all. More frequent check ups now. No therapy needed. 

Thank you Shewolf x