hi, almost 3 years ago I have treatment for cin 2. After the follow up smear I was told there was only borderlune/cin 1 but no hpv so I would not need another smear for three years which will be July this year. When i am on microgynon contaceptive pill which stops my periods but when I went to the toilet yesterday a couple of times when I wiped there was blood on the toilet roll but it has not happened today yet I also get a few period type pains which have been going on for a few months. I properly am being very paranoid and I was told by hospital that with no hpv I shouldn't worry at all as it will all properly clear up its self so not worry about my last smar results. Do you think I should make an appointment or wait and see if it happens again?

thanks for reading 

Hi Jess!

There may well be nothing to worry about but until you know that for certain, you'll probably worry anyway. If I were you I would book in for a smear. If the receptionist says you're not due one, get an appointment with the doc and lay it on thick that this is causing you stress. You probably are being paranoid but you need the evidence. Then you can relax! :)

Good luck with it all. I hope they can put your mind at rest quickly.

Kirsty xx


hiya jessandjon, I used to be on microgynon and didn't have a period for 3years then randomly with no warning I had one pains and all, went to the gp as wanted to know what was going on and they said that it happens time to time as although the pill stops your uterus growing a lining over time it needs a clear out to keep it healthy! But if your concerned then see your gp xx


This is where the hpv thing gets rather blurred. First of all hpv is a virus the reckon 80% per cent of the population have it but most of the time it lies dormant. When it becomes active you get a hpv pos test , when it is dormant you get a negative test. HPV is a virus, once you have it it never leaves you, only becomes dormant, a bit like the cold sore virus, you can go years without having one and then have a lot! But the virus is always in your body.

In America they have been doing hpv tests for some time, and women are so paranoid about getting a positive hpv, they are posting they are never going to have a relationship again, should they inform partner, etc etc etc. There is no test for men, but of course they have it in the same proportions as women. So to answer your query, and with you knowing something is not right, definitely go and get a smear test, to put your mind at rest. Your symptoms are not normal, and it is making you miserable, so why suffer till july? Go and get seen to and put your mind at ease.