Papsmear and colypscopy/biopsy differ??

Hi there! I hope this is the right place to post this.. I was recently told to come in for a biopsy/colypscopy due to an abnormal pap. My pap came back as HGSL moderate dysplasia.. when the colypscopy/biopsy came back there is only cerviscitis?? My gyno said he has never had this happen before and it's a very big discrepancy and have to take some antibiotics and come back for follow up in three months.. has this happened to others before and are the odds good that my biopsy is correct and pap incorrect? Thank you for taking the time to read. 



Not quite the same results but there was a discrepancy between my smear test (high grade moderate) and colcoscopy/biopsy (low grade). Doctors decided to go with the smear result and gave me the treatment, I am now waiting for final verdict. It could be that in addition to abnormal cells, your cervix is also inflammed so I think it's a good call from your doctor to put you on antibiotics and ask you to come back once your inflammation has healed. 

Thank you so much for replying. I have been freaking out that it was something much more severe as I did have an abnormal pap a few years ago, but never went for follow up like a fool. I would love to hear your results if you have time. Good luck and thank you again xo