Papilocare gel

I’m just wondering if anyone has used the Papilocare gel and successfully got rid of an HPV infection?

Are there any side effects or things to be aware of?

My past 2 smears have been HPV positive and a colposcopy confirmed CIN 1 last year. I’m due another smear soon and am desperate to make sure it’s cleared up because I can’t face another year of worrying if I’m going to need treatment or get cancer.

Hi Rose
Not sure how helpful my comment will be but I had positive HPV test at start of 2022. No abnormal cells
For personal reasons I have delayed my test this year. About April/May I ordered Papilocare
I haven’t had any side effects from it - it can be a bit messy if you get up in the night or next morning you might find excess in your knickers!!!
But it’s easy to use

I recently took a Superdrug HPV test that came up negative however the swab is covered at the top and I’m not sure if it not touching my cervix exactly would give accurate results

If it is accurate it’s possible I could have cleared my HPV before i started? However the gel may have helped. Either way I figure I will keep on with it in case I have abnormalities until I am in the right place to go for my smear.