Papillocare after LLETZ

Hi all, I had my LLETZ last Monday so I’m coming up to almost a week since the treatment. Overall I’m doing ok - a bit of almost clear discharge and some pain but doing ok with the pain relief supplied (codeine). I’m back at work tomorrow (work from home thank goodness, not completely sure if I’d be ready to commute again if I’m totally frank) and I’m thinking about whether or not I can continue now with my Papillocare gel (I am still taking the oral supplement).

I have seen the images taken prior to my LLETZ on Monday and genuinely it does appear my lesion was smaller - in my reports my legion was described by my gyno as “extensive” but only 12 x 15mm was removed in the LLETZ which is not a large lesion. I genuinely believe that the lesion was made smaller through my lifestyle changes (decent diet, Papillocare, AHCC, 2 x dose of Gardasil 9, various other immunity supplements). I’d really like to continue the Papillocare gel as soon as possible to try and prevent the lesions coming back and hopefully finally clear this bastard virus.

Does anyone know when I can start using it again? I’m hesitant to be too quick as I don’t want to introduce anything that could cause infection to the LLETZ site, any recommendations would be so helpful.

Hello I asked that question when I had my 1 Lletz they told me 6 weeks and you can start using it again :grin:

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Thank you so much that’s really helpful - hope all is going well with you :blush:

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