Pap Smear + HPV Test: HPV E6/E7 mRNA Detected 3 Years in a Row

Hello! I am completely new to this forum, and very glad to find this place. I’d appreciate any advice from you. Just as background information, I am based in the United States.

My Pap and HPV test detected E6/E7 mRNA 3 years in a row. After the second time abnormalities were detected a year ago, I had colposcopy and punch biopsy done. The result was negative. I was also hoping that maybe this procedure would accelerate the clear-up process (the medical technician also told me that there would be a good chance for that to happen). But this year I just got the third result, and no, the HPV infection hasn’t cleared up.

It looks as though I do not have any strains that are most commonly associated with cervical cancer: 16, 18, or 45. But it seems that I do have one or few of other high-risk strains.

This has caused a lot of anxiety in me, and at this point, I’m wondering if it will ever clear up or progress to cancer eventually. Is there anyone with a similar type of experience? If so, what did your doctor advise you to do? Will I need to have one of the more procedures done (LEEP, cone biopsy, etc.) immediately or some time in the near future?

Thank you very much for your advice in advance.

Hi there, I’m sorry your getting these results, it’s such a worry isn’t it and I feel exactly the same as you. I had the loop excision 12 years ago, and had HPV positive results more or less every time I have a smear, and now I have CIN 1 and 2 with HPV so they are doing a loop excision on tues, I’m really nervous as to whether I will develop cervical cancer in the future, I have 2 sons both which were born early and numerous miscarriages, to which I’ve learnt can be results of the loop and shortened cervix. I don’t know wether I would like another baby, if I knew for sure I think I’d ask them to just take it all instead of constant worry with each smear x