Pap smear clear but mid cycle bleed! Very worried has anyone else had this?

Hi all I posted on here about a month ago to say I was very concerned about a comment my doctor made when performing my smear. She noted that my cervix had some inflammation and bled slightly when she took the sample. I'm pleased to say I finally got my results back after five and a half weeks of anxious waiting and it was normal - yippie! However I have for the first time tonight experienced mid cycle bleeding! I had just finished a spin class and went to the loo and when I wiped I had blood stained discharge on the paper! (Sorry for tmi)! This has never happened before! I had treatment for cin 3 four years ago and since then my last five or six smears now have been consistently clear, I also tested negative for hpv in Oct 2013! Has anyone ever had this happen after exercise? My last period only finished less than a week ago so I kow I am not coming on! I'm so worried that the smears could have missed something, perhaps I have a cancer growing further up and the smears could keep missing it? This may be totally unconnected but my lymph nodes in my groin also seem slightly swollen (although not painful) but the doctor is not concerned by them when she examined me! She said because I am slim it is normal to be able to feel them and that she didn't consider them sufficiently large to warrant concern and further examination. The bleeding has happened since I saw the doctor. But I know swollen lymph nodes can also be a sign of cancer! I'm sorry if this seems ridiculous but I am so so frightened! I'm not even reassured by my clear smear as I know they aren't 100% accurate and that things can be missed! Is it possible that I could have had the abnormal cells on the surface of my cervix and higher up all this time and that they only removed the ones they could see four years ago? I'm losing my mind over this, I've suffered very badly with health anxiety since my dad died from cancer and I am getting myself in such a state over this. My boyfriend thinks I'm mental but I can't think rationally! Please please help...

I should add that in the five and a half weeks since my smear I have also had a breast cyst diagnosed So I have had a very stressful, unpleasant and terrifying couple of months! The bleeding only happened tonight and it was not heavy more like discharge tinged with blood.

Hi Sam,

It really does sound as though you have got yourself all worked up about nothing, and having got there, you are now finding symptoms left right and centre. Your doctor is not concerned, that is good news. She has observed a little bit of inflammation on your cervix and a tendency to bleed when poked about so it just sounds a bit tender to me and perhaps your spin class upset it. I honestly don't think you have any cause for concern.

Be lucky


Thanks Tivoli for your kind calming words of reassurance. I am sure you are right and I know my boyfriend would agree with you. I'm slowly turning myself into a paranoid wreck where cancer is all I can think about! It's really not good. I think you have hit the nail on the head when you say I am finding new symptoms left right and centre - I seem to fixating on things (like the lymphs) that have probably been there all along but that I have never noticed because it has never been a concern! I just don't seem to be able to find a way to switch off from this or rationalize my thoughts. I am going home in a couple of weeks and I have booked to see a gynae privately so ism hoping a consultation and examination with her will be enough to put my mind at rest. In the meantime I need to find a way to distract myself from this destructive pattern of thought - now where did I put that bottle of wine? 

I had CC in 2012, now in remission.  I am currently having tests to check for another cancer as I am passing blood in urine.  It was blood, lots and clots, but that is all.  Then the dr saqid to me 'have you had any pain in the kidney area?' 'Have you had any frequency with urine?' etc etc etc.  I didn't, so I said no.  By the time I got home, I had all these symptoms, well in my head I did!  By the time I consulted Dr Google, I had all the symptoms he told me about that could be linked to bladder and kidney cancer.  Our minds play tricks on us when we are felling weak.