Pap/colp/biop/LEEP :( help?

I'm terrified that I have cervical cancer..

A little backround info. I am 26, have a three year old daughter, and was recently married (two months ago). I have always had clean paps, my last clean one being June of 2013..after which I received my Mirena. My mirena stopped my period completely..until a few months ago. I started having strange symptoms which may or may not be related to what has happened next. These symptoms include inconsistent bleeding, menstrual like cramps EVERY single day, bleeding after sex and lower back pain. I also noticed that my cervix didnt feel felt more swollen and lower than usual (which I chalked up to my Mirena or a mild prolapse). Regardless, I made an appt. to get a pap done. When I got to the appt, I was informed that the previous papI had done (in June of 13) never collected any endocervical cells, but that it was insignificant. Okay, they did the pap and about a week later I got a result of ASCUS with positive HPV and was referred for a Colposcopy. I went to the Colposcopy a week ago, where he almost didnt even take it since my result was "ascus" on my pap...but I kind of talked him into it because my body doesnt feel quite normal. After doing the COLPO and doing 2 biopsies I wad told that what he saw was "very minor" and would probably come back as cervicitis or just inflammation from HPV. I got a call on Monday evening (about two haours after his office had closed) and it was the Dr. with my results of the biopsies, and asked if I had time to talk. I was told it came back as CIN III (he was SHOCKED) and that I needed to have a LEEP done. Since monday, the pain in my abdomen has gotten worse. I decided that since I was already at the hospital to bring my daughter to the pediatrician for her checkup that I would just grab a copy of my pathology report...and my attitude about this all has gone considerably down hill. Can someone make sense of what this says for me? I'm trying to stay optimistic, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. 



A. Cervix, 1'o'clock biopsy: -Squamo-endocervical mucosa with severe dysplasia (HGSIL, CIN 3) involving underlying metaplastic (squamous) endocervical glands. See comment. -steps sections were evaluated.

B. Endocervix, cutterage: -Mucus admixed with endocervical glandular epithelium and rare mild-moderate atypia involving metaplastic endocervical glands.

COMMENT: The tissue fragments show severe dysplasia involving underlying metaplastic (squamous) endocervical glands. The tissue fragment shows marked inflammation and fragmentation, making it difficult to adequately evaluate the stromal and glandular interface to exclude early invasion. 


Thoughts, anyone?! 




anyone? :(

Hi hun, im sure it won't be anything more but even if it was early invasion it's often treated in the same way as CIN3 anyway. When is your next appt? You will know more once the leep biopsy has been analysed xxx

Hi Im new to here too although ive read through lots over the past few months. 

Brief 'history'.... 42years old married (to same for 21 years) 2children.  Aged 21ish abnormal smear - now find out it was CIN2 - treated by lletz, normal smears ever since)

Last smear Jan13 - results came back clear within approx 6 days, at the time i did think it was strange to get a clear result so quickly.  Thought no more of it......

February 2014 experienced quite a lot of blood spotting after sex which cleared pretty much as soon as it arrived, nevertheless freaked me out as never experienced anything like it.  Booked appointment 3 days later.  GP examined me and said looked like an ectropian and she'd refer me to gyn to confirm - she also took swobs. 

March14 appoint to see gyn - pelvic and internal examination.  Advised it was a polyps also took swobs, this would need to be removed in hospital just incase I started to bleed and in her offices she would be unable to stop it. 

May 14 appointment for hysteroscopy / polyectomy / biopsy - at appointment advised all swobs clear, treatment took place with results within a few weeks. 

Over four weeks later attend doctors for something totally different. (Have experienced slight spotting again after sex but not everytime.)   GP viewing notes as I entered - immediately asumed i was there for results??? 

Cutting long story short..... advised biopsy detected CIN3!!!!! need to be treated urgently within 4weeks!!!!!! Shock was an understatement!! by the by i wasnt prepared to wait (going on hols in 4 weeks!) so paid privately for a colposcopy and lletz - scheduled for 13 june 14, colposcopy took place, acetic acid showed white area but had an infection so couldnt do procedure :-( consultant advised to attend his nhs clinic for further colposcopy and lletz treatment.  Went on holiday as consultant reassured all would be fine and not to worry, enjoy your holiday etc etc. 

Attended own GP as concerend over infection (to which i had no symptoms) he prescribed antibiotics and internal cream. 

Still on occasion have slight spotting but very intermittently and only ever after certain postions! (So it seems). 

July 29 have second colposcopy and LLETZ, consultant again reassured me that he was convinced nothing sinister and would be surprised if it was.  I mentioned the bleeding and he said probably due to not being healed from previous treatment and not to worry.  The procedure itself was fine nothing like the treatment in May which was very uncomfortable.  I didnt bleed but did after a few days leak a very watery fluid.  In all i was absolutely fine. 

I attended my GP for daughter and whilst there he read my records and advised that all was clear and that i would just be called in 6 months for a smear.  He was quite nonsuchalent and i thought i want to wait for my results in writing before getting over excited.   

We resumed 'activity' :-) after 4weeks and all seemed ok - YAY thought the both of us. 

I then receive a letter from the consultant to explain that yes my initial biopsy did show CIN3 but the results of the most recent LLETZ found nothing all clear???? My results were to be discussed at a management meeting and treatment would be advised after the findings of the said meeting. 

Confused is an understatement. What am i supopsed to think?? Another waiting period, waiting is the worst part. 

But now comes my next worry - we have done 'the deed' again and there is a pinky blood tinge to 'the aftermath' (sorry for the description not sure how to put it lol?) 

Just a last bit of info, apart from having my children i have been continually since the age of 16 using Logynon combined contraceptive.  During 2013 for no reason other than age i was advised by the nurse to change and use the mini pill (I am 5'4", fit healthy size 10 dont drink or smoke) it was horrific I felt almost to the brink of despair etc etc. My GP onfirmed that it was not suiting me and that I could continue with Logynon until 50!  For me it is more than just a contraceptive - I dont want any more children but the Pill for me is a life saver - my periods were horrific / the pains unbearable and was never ever regular.  I was Pill free for 5 years (aged 11-16) and honestly could never go back to that :-(

Is there anyone out there who can help me put my mind at rest - im at my wits end. xx

Thanks for the reply harri1234! I had my "preop" appt this past thursday. Dr sounded pretty confident about doing the surgery, he described it as a "tophat", which I suppose makes me a tiny bit more comfortable. I was told that there is still a decent chance that "micro invasive cancer" could be which case I would be transferred to a different (larger) hospital. My LEEP is scheduled for Sept. 11th. Fingers crossed!!!!!! 

Just thought I would post an "update" ..I had my Leep Cone on the 11th under general anesthesia (I didnt have the option of local). The procedure went relatively smooth, and the reconcery thus far has been okay. I did get an ulcer the very fist time I took my prescribed pain meds (800mg ibuprofen) So I had to go through recovery process without anything. Mostly cramping, pinching feeling, and of course the bleeding/coffee ground discharge. I overall feel pretty good. In post op my Dr told me they "had to take more than they thought" when I asked what that meant he said they took more than a half inch deep @1:00. To me this sounds like A LOT...and leaves me wondering about the comment made on my pathology report from the original biopsy. I should be getting the results any day now from the LEEP. I was told results would come in around 2 weeks. Fingers (still) crossed! xo!