Newly diagnosed, very lucky 1b1, MRI booked and radical hysterectomy as treatment. 


They took a biopsy during LLETZ which is where my grading came from, a tiny 1x1x5mm tumour. I've had cancer before, Hodgkin lymphoma, when I was 21, now 36. I'm exhausted, keep falling asleep everywhere, the same when I was 21. Which is niggling in the back of my mind. My thought process, is that what if it's far more advanced within the uterus for instance but they only saw a spec on the biopsy? 


I suppose my question is, is it usual to get a low grading and for it to get changed after MRI or surgery?


Hi Gemmie :-)

Do you know if your cancer is squamous or adeno? If squamous it is much less likely that any of it is hiding out of view, but to be perfectly honest, if your tumour is only 1 x 1 x 5mm then it's unlikely that any of it is hiding anywhere :-)

Be lucky :-)