I've had 3 Colposcopys now over the past few years. I was scared witless after being referred for the first one following a routine smear but was told it was low grade and no treatment was needed. They also took a biopsy at the first one. 

I had my latest Colposcopy in January.  The nurse said there didn't seem to be any change and I may be discharged completely and just go back to having smears. 

I got a letter today giving me an appointment for July. Previously I had been seen yearly so this has sent me into a panic!!  There were no results in the letter so of course I'm fearing the worst!  ☹️

I don't know what the timescales are in the NHS. Does the fact that the appointment isn't until July mean there are minor changes, or is it because the waiting lists are really long?


Any advice/thoughts/knowledge greatfully received. ❤

if the appointment is for July is must not be urgent. it's all very stressful isn't it? 

I would say if it were anything serious you would be seen way before July , perhaps you could call them and ask for more information or see your GP who might be able to clarify things 

Greeni xx