Panicking please help

Just received a letter to say I have to go in to discuss my results after a lletz, I’m straight away thinking the worst , my lletz was 4 weeks ago tomorrow.
I’m 31 with 3 children , My normal smear came back as cin 3 so I had a lletz to remove abnormalities, I’m so so worried, I hate all this waiting

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Hi lovely. I do hope your okay, I just saw your post and didn’t want you to feel alone. At the moment I feel the same as you I am utterly terrified following my diagnosis of Cc but not knowing the stage or treatment plan yet. I am 31 and also have a child.


Just a message of support. I am 32 with one daughter and diagnosed with 1b cc four days ago. I now have to wait 10 days for the MRI and probably more waiting until they have a treatment plan. It’s very scary and inducing a lot of anxiety for me, as I can see it is for others. We’re not alone and anyone who wants to chat about it, feel free to message me :slightly_smiling_face: