Panicking like a lot you (pg mention)

Two years ago I had abnormal high grade cells and had my cervix frozen. I was supposed to come back 6 months after that, but it ended up being more like 16. Dumb, I know. 

Last month I had a super short period. Short is normal for me, buy literally 2 days then completely stopped. About three days after that I had a lot of red blood after sex. I figured my period just wasn't totally done. I continued to spot a few days after that. I googled it and saw bleeding after sex is a cc symptom, and boom, panic mode. I spotted on and off all cycle.

So I immediately booked that appointment that I was behind on. Doctor said my cervix was sensitive and bleeding easily. The result was low grade, which I only know because I peaked at the chart. I don't know why no one explained this. Anyway, I had a coloscopy and I have to wait 3 weeks and I feel ill. I just have this gut feeling I have cancer. 

I'm a widow with three kids, and I can't stand the thought of leaving them alone. I feel like these weeks of not knowing are going to be impossible, and I don't want to tell my mom and freak her out, or my boyfriend because he wants more kids and I know what usually happens to fertility with cc. So here I am, another scared newbie who just had to get this out.

Hi Maylee first up take a deep breath, when you were googling I bet there were other things that caused bleeding after sex bu like all of us we latch on to the big c. And immediately start thinking the worst and we go from pootling along to treatment infertility and impending death with nothing in between haha. I admit I was the same but now you have got this out and I am sure there will be some great women on here to give you advice. All I can say is stay positive and talk to someone about your worries it will help. Take care thinking about you x

Thank you, I'm trying to calm myself down, and I do feel a bit better now. I ended up talking to one of my irl friends, and she told me she had had LEEP for CIN 3 AND she had the spotting between periods and bleeding after sex. The LEEP cleared it up for her. I know the top Google results all seem to say bleeding only occurs in the latest stage of cancer which is why a lot of us are so scared. But after digging through the search results more and talking to my friend, this doesn't appear to be 100% true, and that bleeding can occur with precancerous cells too. Has this happened to anyone else? You had the sensitive cervix/spotting between periods, and it was NOT cancer, but precancer?