Panicking again... whats new!

Yes its me… overthinking again!
For a little while now ive been having pains in the lower pelvic area and a dull ache at times in my lower back. Recently ive noticed my urine smells quite strong. Ive also had some nighttime incontinence. I have always needed a pad during the day for stress incontinence leaks. So I noticed a slight twinge at the end of going to the loo - at the end of my stream if you know what I mean?
Dropped a sample into the GP and she says " there are a few wee things showing there but there are a few … ( cant remember the word). She explained further " white cells " as its Jubilee holidays she said she’d rather treat me than not with an antibiotics. She also sent the sample off to the hospital.

So now my mind is racing at 1000000mph thinking the worst!!!

Hi Shammy,

I think white blood cells in urine are a sign of a UTI so try not to worry. I know it’s hard though. I’m sure if it was more serious your gp wouldn’t be happy to just give you an antibiotic. I seen you had a scan recently and just wanted to say that when I’ve had a scan my niggles around my pelvic area and back always seem to flare up!!! It’s like my body knows I’m anxious for the results :see_no_evil: it’s crazy how the worry in our mind connects with our body :see_no_evil: Im sure your scan is going to be good news and this is just a wee bump in the recovery road! Xxxx

P.s meant to say, your pee smelling weird is apparently a thing in menopause due to change in hormones :see_no_evil:

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Thanks @picklesthepug!

Im getting so frustrated with myself for doing this! Im truley driving myself insane.

So true about the scan and feeling everything. I know thats probably what im doing yet I keep doing it!!!
Thank you for the reassurance.

I hope you’re well xx

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I know its a case of scan anxiety driving us round the bend but at the same time we want to know whats going on in there!

A vicious circle!

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Hi Shammy,

Yes, raised white cell count would indicate a urinary infection, as would the extra leakage, the back ache and the twinge at the end of peeing. The smelly urine is also an indication. The antibiotics should sort it out for you. Xxx

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Thanks @Jacks133 :heart:

Im off work now for the Jubilee until Monday, so hopefully some rest will help too.

That’s a very good thing Shammy - rest & recuperation, and drink plenty and I hope you’ll be feeling much better soon. I’m brewing a chest infection again but I’m not confident I can get hold of the doctor. So glad you could get seen because UTIs are not nice. X

Oh no… chest infections are equally unpleasant!
Wishing you well also x