panicking after PET

Hi all,

Get back from PET today… It sees my two lymph nodes, though they didn’t lit up as bright as they normally do with the metastasis. However the specialist can’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and will now analyze the results by 3mm layers (or how it’s called). All definitive results next week … more waiting …

I start to believe the worst :frowning: I just don’t understand what else might make these two lymph nodes be bigger/inflammed other than cancer. It’s been a month between two scans, so no ‘decreasing’ dynamics in their sizes. I feel myself great physically, though i have a slightly swollen pubic area and maybe in abdominal as well. I see it myself, though my doctor didn’t see ‘anything worrisome’.

Leaving for a weekend in order to stay away from the internet and spend some quality time with my lovely husband.

But have a horrible feeling :frowning:

Hi Liana,

Sorry you're having a scary time and more waiting :-( No fun at all. To the best of my understanding some of my lymph nodes were pretty big but none of them had any cancer in. Not sure if that's of any help to you but I don't like to see people getting no answers at all.


Be lucky :-)

No advice I'm afraid. It's easy to say don't worry until you have more information, but I know it's natural for us all to worry. Enjoy some time away with your hubby xx

hey can become infected sometimes so this might be what it is....I too have a swelling at the top of my lady area it's weird it doesn't hurt but it's like someone has rolled something up and put it under my skin.

im still waiting for my Mir scan.....almost 3 months after  was asked for! I don't think my cancer has grown/spread as I'm feeling "normal" other than painful sooting pains down below x